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Project 420

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In the early 1950’s, the CIA gave birth to Project MK-ULTRA, a covert program designed to research and develop mind-altering substances. Millions of dollars and two decades later, the Program was purportedly abandoned, stating that ‘the tests made little scientific sense.’ This was a clever cover story. Behind closed doors, in a secret government facility, our tax dollars are still at work… As narcotic research scientists for the CIA, being a pothead is all part of a day’s work for Lin, Pat, and Miriam. It’s canna-business as usual until their co-worker turns up murdered. Intrigue, espionage, and hilarity lurk around every corner as the hapless stoners fall deeper and deeper into a maniacal plot involving Texan drug lords, a prominent politician, and an insane geneticist hell-bent on revenge

Rod Unsworth for Governor